Keeping You Safe During COVID-19

In addition to always meeting previous infection control standards, Kootenay Dental Arts has also taken the following measures to minimize our staff and our patient’s exposure to aerosol and infectious droplets:

  • We have HEPA-filter Air-Scrubber Units installed in our treatment rooms. We were fortunate to acquire these air cleaning units that greatly increase the air turn over in the operatories during and between appointments. The HEPA filters will remove 99.97% of all respiratory aerosols or droplets as the air passes through the air scrubber.
  • Because the majority of the treatment that we provide are aerosol producing procedures, we have outfitted our treatment rooms with ceiling to floor closure, this will effective eliminate airborne cross contamination.
  • Reception desk now has glass barriers.
  • Taking temperatures of every team member before the day begins.
  • Utilizing intraoral suction devices and rubber dam isolation whenever possible to decrease aerosols.
  • Wearing high level personal protective equipment (PPE), including fit tested N-95 masks or level 3 surgical masks, and face shields to prevent unknown cross-contamination. We also wear clean patient gowns for each treatment appointment.
  • We have stepped up hard surface cleaning with disinfectants.

What to Expect at Your Next Dental Appointment

Patient Information for Dental Treatment During COVID-19 (PDF)

Consent for Treatment During COVID-19 (PDF)